Derek P. Collins
Product Designer & Developer

International Travel Tips: Introduction

As I type this my family and I are flying over the Atlantic on our way to Dublin, Ireland. This will be my first international trip since 2020.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, I traveled internationally quite a bit and I learned a lot about travel along the way. I’ve been to over 35 countries and counting (36 after this flight) and I’ve experimented with traveling and packing in different ways – from minimalist to luxurious.

In the following series of posts, I’ll share what I’ve learned along the way — here’s how I’ve broken things down:

  • Introduction (you are here)
  • Planning & Research (coming soon)
  • Packing (coming soon)
  • Tech (coming soon)
  • On the Ground (coming soon)
  • Kids (coming soon)

I hope you learn something new for your next adventure and I’d love to hear any travel tips that you may have — hit me up via email or on social media via Mastodon or Threads.