I'm sharing this list with the hope that it encourages others to donate to organizations like these as well. Here are some of the organizations that I donate too.

  1. Dig Deep

    Dig Deep is a "…a human rights non-profit working to ensure that every American has clean, running water forever."

  2. Ecologi

    Ecologi invests the money you donate "…into a broad range of projects that are able to evidence that they are reducing greenhouse gas emissions."

  3. Black Girls Code

    Black Girls Code helps to "…build pathways for young women of color to embrace the current tech marketplace as builders and creators by introducing them to skills in computer programming and technology."

  4. Vets Who Code

    Vets Who Code trains "…veterans, active duty military, and military spouses in practical programming paradigms by using mentoring and open source development with the goal of starting careers in the technology industry."

  5. New Story

    New Story "…pioneers solutions to end global homelessness." 100% of donations go directly towards building homes for families in need.

  6. The Skatepark Project

    The Skatepark Project was established by Tony Hawk and helps underserved communities create safe and inclusive public skateparks for youth.

  7. Brady

    Brady works across congress, courts, and communities to defeat gun violence.