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Mobile Previews

We wanted to explore a fun, lightweight way to help people discover new titles on our service. Inspired by the buzz around Snapchat’s Stories feature, we built our own version to showcase trailers for titles that had recently become available on our service.

We spent a lot of time thinking about how we could take traditional landscape video and transform those into vertical, portrait videos without losing the integrity of the original trailers. We also spent a great deal of time dialing in the animations and transitions between states. For this, I worked directly with one of our talented motion designers to dial everything in so that we could have a really good proof-of-concept for our engineering teams.

Prototype Development

The prototypes for this project were all built using vanilla HTML, CSS, and Javascript running inside of a native wrapper (written in Swift) to give it the appearance of a native iOS app.


With the implementation of Previews, we saw an increase in the titles that our members watched relative to the previews they viewed and we also saw in increase in how often customers returned to and used the mobile app (which is where we launched the Previews experience).